Jenadriyah Project

It is a 1.5 million flat meter in a greenfield development project in eastern Riyadh. The land is on Khurais Road, near Dammam Road. The Janadriyah land is notable for its excel- lent location. It entices many investors due to its promising future and proximity to the future city and the East Gate. 

Janadriya's land has many hills and slopes, which pose a challenge to contractors and de- velopers. 

The objective of this project is to transform raw land into developed land and build an integrated residential complex with complete services to create a suitable residential en- vironment .
 The services provided as part of the project are: 

1- Road systems
 2- Road lights
 3- Torrential Drainage System 4- Telephone Network
 5- The Electrical Grid
 6- Water System
 7- Sewage System 

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